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5 Common Accounting Mistakes

5 common accounting mistakes (and how to avoid them) Starting a business can be a challenging experience, especially when it comes to managing your numbers and staying on top of your financial management. Unless you’ve got some experience in finance, the bookkeeping and accounting requirements can be quite daunting. And even with today’s helpful cloud […]

The importance of good financial management

Why Good Budgeting Matters for Your Finances When you’re operating and managing a small business, you have a finite pot of cash to work with. Because of this, it’s incredibly important to manage your cash well and to have clear budgets and spending limits for every area of your business operations. Let’s take a look […]

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5 ways to get in control of your business finances

Having proper control of your business finances is a big advantage. It helps you make well-informed business decisions and keeps your organisation profitable.With so many digital tools for managing your bookkeeping, accounting and management reporting, it’s never been easier to manage, track and forecast your financial position. But what are the main tools you need? […]


Strategic business partnerships: the benefits of working together

Strategic business partnerships are all about finding the common ground. If you share the same customer audience and create a complementary way of meeting their needs, you can significantly expand your target market. Your business may compete head-to-head with a number of other companies, but this doesn’t mean you have to treat ALL other businesses […]


What’s more important, Cashflow or Profit?

Cashflow and profit are two of the most important financial metrics for any business. But while they’re both related to the financial performance of a company, they measure different things. Knowing the difference – and how cash and profit contribute to your business is key if you want your business to have the best possible […]

The stress of doing business

Small business owners and self-employed Kiwis create companies for all sorts of reasons. Being their own boss or chasing long-held dreams are a way of fueling their passion. But for many, the realities of running a business can often mean losing sight of why they’re in it – especially during a period dominated so heavily […]

Working from home – Home Office Health and Safety

“Hey, I’m only handling paperwork in my office, not using dangerous plant and equipment”. “I’m a sole operator, I don’t have any staff”. “I work from my own home, it’s my place so I can do what I like”. Any of this sound familiar? Well, the answer is that you should still have a health […]

I Got Trapped

Another financial year finished (a month ago) – where did the time go I (Chris) looked back at my last website blog – September 2019 – what the hell happened??? Well in reflection I got into the same situation as many of the people who come to us looking for assistance. Yes I got so […]

Most Trusted Accountants 2019

This is the third year in a row that Upshot NZ Ltd has been awarded the “Most Trusted Accountants” in Tauranga. These awards are based on actual client votes submitted, so thanks to all who voted for us. Our passion is helping small businesses succeed and getting rid of the paperwork headaches for the owners, […]

Client Newsletter Spring – Summer 2019 –

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Most Trusted Accountants 2018

For the second year in a row Upshot NZ Ltd was handed the Most Trusted Accountants award for Tauranga. Last year (2017) Upshot was also awarded the Most Trusted Business title in the overall categories. We are very passionate about helping small business succeed. We can assist with: New business set up (business plans, forecasts/budgets, […]

Most Trusted Business 2017

We are very privileged to have been voted winners of the 2017 Tauranga Most Trusted Business. Our thanks go to our many clients who made us clear winners of this award, not just for the Most Trusted Accounting business which we were entered under, but also the overall winner for all businesses. This really confirms […]

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