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Helping you to adhere to all your health and safety requirements

Chris Fryer is Upshot’s Health & Safety Specialist. He first become involved in this over 30 years ago, before the Health & Safety Act was introduced into NZ law.

Chris also spent many years with a transport and logistics ITO (Industry Training Organisation), assisting companies with upskilling their staff in health & safety and other core competencies. He also worked closely with ACC and their Driver Safe programme. He has managed health & safety on large and complex construction sites as well as manufacturing and distribution sites, and has worked with scores of small business owners both as an independent health & safety consultant, and as a fixed term contractor.

Chris can help you with

Chris is a member of NZISM (NZ Institute of Safety Management) plus a member of the Tauranga Safer Industries Group. He can assist you with things such as:

  • Health & Safety Policy and Manual plus Hazard ID & Controls
  • Workplace audits
  • Sitewise pre-qualification Assessments plus Annual 12 -step on line Health & Safety re-assessments
Small Business accounting support UpshotNZ Bay of Plenty

ISN Accreditation

We can complete ISN pre-qualification assessments for you -taking away the complicated headache from you

Small Business accounting support UpshotNZ Bay of Plenty

Sitewise Accreditation

We can do the confusing pre-qual assessments for you.

Bookkeeping Services UpshotNZ Bay of Plenty

Health and Safety Manual and Systems

If you have staff or contractors working for you we can help you comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015.

Health and Safety Audit

We can ensure that you are complying with health & safety systems & your procedures are up to date.



“Chris was primarily responsible for ensuring that we ran a compliant health & safety site that reflected our Australian client’s needs and ensured that everyone had the right to work in a safe environment. This was a project where numbers on site reached in excess of 140 people in a day all needing different requirements.”

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