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Chris and Jill


As a small business owner you know that often means taking on multiple roles - from bookkeeper, to payroll officer, to human resource manager. It's easy to find yourself taking on all roles except the one that inspired you to start your business in the first place.

At Upshot we understand the difficulties of running a small business because we run one ourselves. All of our staff are contractors, so have the know-how and hands-on experience to support you in running a more efficient business. Let us take the paperwork off your hands so you can get back to focussing on whatever it is you do best!

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Accounting Services

Running a business doesn’t mean you have to be a numbers-oriented person. Give us your paperwork and leave the bean counting to us – we’ll get your accounts done in good time and ensure you’re on top of all that paperwork.


Xero Software

Xero is a very smart, yet oh-so-simple to use software package for business and accounting. Designed and developed in NZ, Xero is fast becoming the favourite choice of small-medium business owners, not only in NZ, but around the world.


Financial Advice

From starting a business to selling a business, we can help you crunch the numbers and maximise your financial position.


Small Business Support

We’re passionate about supporting small business to succeed. We’ll help you with just about every area of running a small business – tax matters, finances, paying staff, maximising efficiency and complying with your legal obligations.


Tax Services

Keeping track of what you’ve got to file or pay and when can be a tricky balancing act, but we’ve got you covered. We’ll help you avoid unnecessary late penalties and interest by ensuring you know what and when needs to be filed or paid.


Bookkeeping Services

Whether you need someone to prepare your paperwork for your accountant or keep your day-to-day accounts up to date, we’ve got you covered.


Health and Safety

Chris Fryer is Upshot’s Health & Safety Specialist. He first become involved in this over 30 years ago, before the Health & Safety Act was introduced into NZ law.



We know that running a business can be stressful - there are legal obligations you need to comply with, staff to manage and cashflow to keep track of. It's daunting, especially if paperwork and admin are not your strong suit.

Instead of stressing over accounts, payroll and health & safety, why not let us take care of the lot? We'll keep the tax man off your back and ensure all your legal obligations are met.

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Professional, Experienced, Top Team and XERO
We have used Jill and Upshot Accountancy for over 10 years now. Jill, Chris and the team are very professional to deal with and highly experienced in all aspects of business accountancy.
We have had motels, rentals and farms and they handled them all without any problems   
As we live in the South Island, Upshot using Xero is a great advantage for us to run our businesses remotely. 
Our GST and Tax returns are processed through Xero every two months so you know exactly how your business is performing. 
Upshot always answers emails and calls promptly, so we can make good financial decisions for the day-to-day running of the business
When we are selling or purchasing property or businesses Upshot will produce profit and loss reports and also carry out due diligence so again we can make up-to-date informed decisions
Jill and the team look after a wide range of businesses, so with their knowledge and experience we can highly recommend using  Upshot Accountancy
Give them a call, you won’t be disappointed

Stuart & Denise Swan

“Fantastic team, service and advice. Thanks so much Jill and Chris.”

Mount Maunganui Roofing

“Upshot has helped us from guiding our Business Start Up in January 2019, and everything since. We recommend them to anyone needing bookkeeping of accounting help or support. Thanks, Upshot Team.”

Commercial Appliance Services Ltd.

Let's work smarter, not harder
We go the extra mile

Our number one goal is to free up your time so you can do what you do best. We'll give you the hours you need, whether that's a couple of hours here and there, or a few days every month. We want to make things as easy as possible, so if that means coming to you, that's what we'll do!

efficient & affordable

With low overheads and a fine-tuned workflow, we have perfected our approach to maximise efficiency and provide seamless and reliable services across the board.


We're advocates for using smart but simple software such as Xero to cut down on time sifting through paperwork and manually organising your books. We'll support you in getting familiar with Xero and show you how simple it can be!

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