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“Totally professional and knowledgeable. Very friendly and approachable. They talk plain English to you so you are not left wondering what you’re supposed to be doing, how, when, etc. So refreshing to talk and deal with real people in such an IT oriented world where you hardly even get to speak to a real person at the end of the phone these days. Very easy to understand, accommodating, and they really make you feel like they are there working for you to ensure you peace of mind as opposed to simply working to make an income. Make you feel valued as a person and an individual, not just a “client”. Would definitely recommend.”


“We are so pleased to have teamed up with Jill, Chris and Team. They really get small business – are knowledgeable, thorough, operate with integrity and are client focused with a good sense of humour to boot. We highly recommend them.”

Marra Marine Ltd

“I have been using Upshot for the past 4 years and they are faultless! I enjoy dealing with them and whenever I have asked them for help they are always there.”


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