Employment Documentation

Due to a variety of reasons many small businesses are deficient or laxed with their employment documentation. Some are too busy, some not fully sure of what is required, but it can be a costly mistake.

All employees are required to have an Employment Agreement which is signed by them and the employer.  The Agreement should ensure employees know what the employer expects of them and what their duties are. There are mandatory clauses that need to be included, and the agreement should be written up and given to the new employee when they are first offered employment i.e. before  the day they actually start work.

The Agreement should also be signed before the employee commences or at the latest, the day the employee starts. This is also when the employee should complete a Tax Declaration form and a Kiwi Saver form. They should also be given a full health and safety briefing, be shown the evacuation plan, any hazards in the workplace and how to be safe from hazards (this should all be in the company Health and Safety Policy).

The above is a minimum in what should be your CYA (Cover Your Ass) policy and while it may seem a lot of paperwork to complete, getting it right could be a lot less effort and cost if something goes wrong.

If you need a review of your current systems, or don’t have them all in place, give us a call.

We can assist with:

·         Offer of Employment letters

·         Employment Agreements

·         Job Descriptions

·         Induction Records

·         Hazard Identification and control

·         Health and Safety Policy 

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