"Having Jill and Chris supporting my business I feel confident moving forward and growing, concentrating on the job I trained to do.

Jill makes the process of dealing with all my
accounting painless and efficient. With years of experience to draw on, I know I can run any business scenario past Jill and Chris and get trustworthy advice in return.

Great people, who want you to succeed.  Thank you both."

Dylan Batenburg
Director/Designer, Coalesce Architecture Ltd.

"...Jill was charged with the responsibility of the finances, accounting, administration and staff control of the business. This Jill carried out exceptionally.

Her accuracy for detail and staff management was second to none. The effort she puts in to complete a project is outstanding.

Over the years, I have approached Jill for further advice on accounting and systems control on the business that I am now involved with.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Jill to other companies for this purpose, to whatever level they require her involvement."

Gary Owen
Managing Director, PGO Horticulture Ltd

"I have known Jill Fryer for over two years in the capacity of doing my financial statements for my barber business.

During this time she has demonstrated her all round accounting skills, and on numerous occasions has made insightful suggestions to solve issues that had presented themselves. Her honesty and integrity are beyond reproach."

Keith Harding
Owner, Cut It! 

"Jill has been working for us for the past few months as our accountant and bookkeeper until our needs changed and we required our own in-house Accounts person.

Her knowledge of Xero, and attention to detail, have aided in keeping our company on track from inception. She was integral to setting up new cash flow projections and is not afraid to jump right in!

I feel confident in recommending Jill's accounting services. She is not only thorough, but also easy to work with, and always willing to take the time to discuss my and other Directors' concerns and respond to questions. Jill is able to hold her own and have a ready answer to questions and comments.

Jill was key in sourcing a new software package for our Stocks, both finished and raw, which is working very well to date."

Kevin Cox
Director, The New Zealand Dessert Company Ltd

"It is with great pleasure I am able to provide a reference for Chris Fryer as he was employed by our company Stanley Construction from mid-2013 to early 2014. Chris was employed as an H&S representative on a large design and build construction site located in the Bay of Plenty. This project ran for over a year and was based in a live retirement village...

Chris came to this project and brought knowledge of Health & Safety with him so that the project was not as daunting as it may have seemed to others.

He was primarily responsible for ensuring that we ran a compliant Health & Safety site that reflected the Australian clients' needs and ensured that everyone had the right to work in a safe environment. This was a project where numbers on site reached in excess of 140 people in a day all needing various requirements. He ensured that the site and the people on it ran smoothly and ensured that weekly audits that were carried out by the client fulfilled the Health & Safety expectations that were required to work in a live site.

His reporting methods and filing systems were impeccable and would have no hesitation recommending Chris to any company looking to fill a position of this nature."

Jason Hill
Stanley Construction

"I was overwhelmed with trying to do my own accounting and completing IRD paperwork. As a new owner of a small business, I was making quite a few mistakes that I didn't realise, and I was also making some things harder than they needed to be!

Jill not only took heaps off my plate, she taught me some simple new accounting habits, too. Now, when I do my own bank reconciliations, I know I am accounting for things correctly. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders, really.

I was dreading the end of year accounts, but Jill made it a breeze. She kept me well-informed the whole way through, so I felt in control of the process. And her pricing is so reasonable. I can’t recommend Upshot enough!"

Alana Broadhead
Independent Contractor

"It is with the greatest of pleasure that I recommend Jill Fryer.
Not only is she an expert in her field, she has been on time and delivered at a very reasonable cost."

Rose Thomas
Action Real Estate Tauranga

 " Jill, you really are wonderful at your job. Never in all my years of working with accountants has one been so vigilant at taking such good care of me as a client. Thanks again."

Owner, Lavish Foods                                                                                                                                           

“We regularly use Upshot’s Strategic Planning Service and find it invaluable. For us it’s like having mini board meetings where we take time out to look at the bigger picture, where we are going and what our options are. We find it great to bounce ideas around, and clarify our strategy and direction for the next quarter. Having an impartial/external opinion is invaluable in seeing things that we sometimes don’t see being in the business every day. It also helps us make time to sit down and look at the bigger picture (very easy to delay when you’re busy).” 

Jayne and Sean
Owners, Mount Maunganui Roofing