Most Trusted Accountants 2018

For the second year in a row Upshot NZ Ltd was handed the Most Trusted Accountants award for Tauranga.

Last year (2017) Upshot was also awarded the Most Trusted Business title in the overall categories.

We are very passionate about helping small business succeed. We can assist with:

  • New business set up (business plans, forecasts/budgets, company structure, procedures)

  • Bookkeeping, GST Returns, Annual Accounts, Tax Returns, payroll

  • Xero set up and training (we are Xero Certified plus Xero Gold Partners)

  • Health and safety, Human Resources (employment agreements, job descriptions)

It’s all about taking away the headaches from small business owners, allowing them to concentrate on their key tasks. “ Do what you do best - we’ll do the rest” is Upshot’s motto.

We’ll do as much or as little as our customers wish, we’ll even train them to complete their bookkeeping themselves.

We are small business owners, just like our clients. Our team members are contractors to Upshot, hence they are small business owners as well. This means they understand how a small business operates and what costs etc. can be claimed and how.

Our thanks go out to our customers for voting us Most Trusted.

Most Trusted Business 2017

We are very privileged to have been voted winners of the 2017 Tauranga Most Trusted Business.

Our thanks go to our many clients who made us clear winners of this award, not just for the Most Trusted Accounting business which we were entered under, but also the overall winner for all businesses.

This really confirms our passion for helping small businesses survive and get through the compliance and other headaches many business owners encounter.

Our logo is "Small Business help" and our motto is "Do what you do best- we'll do the rest".

We fully understand that a lot of small business owners are very busy doing their normal job, and struggle to keep up with the paperwork etc.

We can assist with:

  • Bookkeeping
  • GST Returns
  • Year End Accounts
  • Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • Due Diligence
  • Budgets
  • Health and Safety

We work from our home based office, are down to earth and speak plain English, plus we treat people how we want to be treated ourselves.

We have clients from Invercargill to Northland, made possible by today's on line communications plus Xero cloud based accounting software.

So if you want someone you can trust, contact us.



Running a Small Business

NZ is a nation of small businesses. Of the half a million businesses, more than 350,000 (70%) have no staff, and 100,000 (20%) employ 1 to 5 staff.

Congratulations if you own and run a small business - it's your business, but is it good?

Running a small business involves:

  • Obtaining (Selling)and retaining good clients
  • Working efficiently (time and costs wise)
  • Making money (after all that's what it's meant to be about)
  • Having a good work life/personal life balance

All of these involve time and often small business owners don't have enough time, so inevitably some things don't get done properly or at all.

We see and assist many small businesses who are behind in their GST Returns, Annual Accounts etc. - and are facing late payment/filing fees from IRD and ACC. Also with jobs not charged out yet and money owing from slow payers, and grumpy suppliers owed money.

It takes a lot to keep on top of everything, especially if you are the only person involved in the business. Apart from doing the actual work that you charge for there is:

  • Quoting
  • Invoicing of completed jobs
  • Chasing up customer payments (if you don't get paid on time you may net be able to pay your bills or even yourself)
  • Purchasing goods and services for your business
  • Reconciling bank accounts with Client payments, Supplier payments
  • Collating and filing all your paperwork 
  • GST Returns (if applicable)
  • Staff wages (if applicable) 

Paramount in achieving efficiency in the above is a good accounting package that will do Sales, Purchases, Bank statement downloads, GST Returns, Profit & Loss reports, Annual reports, and Payroll.

We recommend Xero as an accounting package as its very easy to use if you are computer literate. If not we can train you to use some of Xero's features or do the day to day administration tasks for you. We are Xero Certified Advisors and a Tauranga Xero Gold Partner.

We can also do your GST Returns and monthly/yearly accounts plus assist with payroll services, Humans Resources or Health and Safety.

Our motto is "Do what you do best, we'll do the rest!"





As 31st of March approaches, thousands of businesses throughout NZ will be starting to collate data for their year-end accounts. This can be confusing, stressful and time consuming, especially for small business owners, as they still have to do their normal work to keep their business going.

The tidier you have this information when you pass it on to your accounting services provider the better. Also the sooner you do it the better, then things won't get lost or forgotten.

We specialise in small business help and offer a range of services i.e.

  • weekly/monthly accounts and bookkeeping
  • IRD Returns (PAYE, GST, FBT)
  • year-end accounts
  • payroll
  • health and safety

We also use Xero accounting and payroll software and are Xero Certified Advisors, so we can help with Xero implementation, training and advice.

We are based in Tauranga and also have clients throughout the BOP area and elsewhere.

If you need small business help contact us.



For many small businesses Christmas can be a tight time, cash flow wise, especially if they have a business close-down period (additional to the Statutory Holidays).

Client gifts and entertainment expenses can be high, also if you employ staff and pay them holiday pay for a close-down period, you have this expense at a time when your business is not producing or making sales. Other additional costs often include a staff function and or staff gifts.

It's best to get everything tidied up before you close down e.g. 

Get information to your Accountant/ Tax Agent, and complete your GST Return, if applicable, for the Oct/Nov period (payment has to be made by 15th January).

Ensure your Nov PAYE Return is into IRD and paid by 20th December.

Get your December charge-out invoices completed and sent to your customers.

Finally, don't forget your Debtors. Chase up any outstanding amounts a s soon as possible (this is KEY to your cash flow). DON'T be too soft as Christmas, or just after, is a common time for businesses/people to go bust.