We see it time and time again: Smart software systems - especially accounting software packages (Xero and others) and payroll software packages - save business owners huge amounts of time, money and stress. So much so, you'll wonder how you ever managed without one!

The only trouble is, choosing the best system for your business (or making the change from an old-but-familiar system to a much-better-but-new one) can be quite daunting. 

We can not only help you choose the best tools to suit your business, we can set everything up for you, and show you the ropes!

We are highly experienced across a range of accounting software, payroll software and even inventory management software and our unbiased advice puts your business first!  

We can help by:

  • Reviewing your use of current accounting software or payroll software
  • Aligning software with your accountant's requirements (to save them time, which will save you money)
  • Setting up your Chart of Accounts, contacts (suppliers and customers), inventory and BOMs (Bills of Material).
  • Training staff on how to use software - we make it simple

Packages we work with:

Xero is a very easy-to-use online accounting system that has been specifically designed for small-medium businesses.  No matter where you are, if you have an internet connection then you are able to access your accounting at any time (even from your mobile device).  We are both a Tauranga Xero Certified Advisor and look forward to being able to assist you with this excellent time-saving product. Xero also now includes very smart (yet simple-to-use) payroll features, so if you want to streamline both your accounts and your payroll, Xero could be a godsend!   

QuickBooks, MYOB or one of the other industry-specific / tradesmen products may be right for your business.  We are experienced in working with these products and can assist you in choosing the best product for you.

IMS Payroll is New Zealand's leading payroll software.  Simple yet powerful, IMS Payroll is suitable for all types and sizes of business.  IMS ensures their software is continually updated to reflect any legislative or tax changes in New Zealand. 

Time and attendance information can also be imported into IMS Payroll. The product has an extensive range of reporting functions and can work seamlessly together with a number of other business software packages, including accounting systems such as Xero. 

Contact us and let's see if IMS Payroll is right for you.                                        

Smart Payroll is great if you want to take the hassle out of remembering to pay the PAYE. Smart Payroll is a simple online system that offers many advantages for small businesses. Contact us and let's see if Smart Payroll is the best option for your business.